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Tips on Property Buying for NRI’s

Buying the property in India Yes, a non-resident Indian can buy either a residential property or a commercial property in India. An NRI however cannot buy agricultural land, plantation land or a farm house in India.

Should NRIs buy property in India now?

NRIs choose to buy real estate property since it is undoubtedly one of the safest investment methods. Additionally it is a source of rental income plus there is certainty that the capital value will appreciate.

NRIs Selling Property in India

The current growth in the Indian real estate sector has encouraged NRIs to liquidate their properties in India to take benefit of the hike and book huge profit. However, Non Resident Indians will need to be aware of the special provisions of the Indian

NRI - Selling Inherited Property in India

A lot NRI’s are now investing on properties in India but selling inherited property could be confusing and tough, especially if you are unaware of the property rules and regulations in detail. Before selling the inherited property the NRI has to follow few steps listed bellow.

Home Loans for NRI’s

Owning a home is a dream for most of the NRI’s. With rupee depreciating NRIs can make the most of the increased purchasing power.

Check List for NRI’s

Most NRI’s and persons of Indian origin want to buy a house in India for themselves or for their family. Who does not want to have his own adobe to relax and be with the loved ones? In your retirement years, you want to be in your own home, relaxing with your near and dear ones

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