Should NRIs buy property in India now?

NRIs choose to buy real estate property since it is undoubtedly one of the safest investment methods. Additionally it is a source of rental income plus there is certainty that the capital value will appreciate.

Many NRI's have been postponing the decision of investing in property for some time due to steady rise in property rates. The sinking rupee during the past several months has brought plenty of happiness to NRI's. Their loyalties are certainly not misplaced, but his joy is justifiable because with the rupee weakening continuously, they will now be able to buy a house in India at much cheaper rates.

Moreover housing market has turned slow, therefore NRI are now able to expect the builder to provide good discount as the requirement for real estate is low. Also, NRI’s home loan repayments will be lower compared with the sum they would have had to pay a before. If an NRI finances the property through a bank loan, he would have to pay much lower monthly payouts compared with the amount he would have had to dispense a year ago.

This has brought about a considerable boost in the volume of property enquiries from the NRIs, since this is an excellent opportunity for them to put money into Indian real estate market. They can have excellent returns on their investment; but to avail this chance they have to make their decisions faster considering that the price of real estate property is also growing here.

The confidence levels of NRIs will also be high because so many amongst them have previously earned and continuing to generate substantial returns on their previous investments.

Although the property prices in India haven't significantly reduced, it makes a lot of sense to fund in real estate market now as appreciation of the investment is much higher in this country than any other. The 20/80 scheme offered by many builders has also been a major attraction for NRIs.

Taking into consideration the current scenario where the rupee has depreciated drastically during the last 6 months or more, NRI investments are likely increase enormously.

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